Another reason why death in fight over Kanye West and Jimmy Buffett was senseless

The case of Richard Lopez, a sergeant in the Army who died outside a Steamboat Springs bar shortly after returning from a tour in Afghanistan, would have been terrible under any circumstances. But the ultra-trivial dispute that led to the tragedy -- a jukebox spat that pitted Jimmy Buffett-loving Lopez against some Kanye West boosters -- makes the situation even more unfortunate.

True Kanye fans know that West himself is no hater of music that doesn't resemble hip-hop or R&B. For proof, eyeball this massive listing of songs he's sampled. Granted, the majority have rap or soul connections. But as a producer or performer, he's also borrowed from Graham Nash's "Chicago," Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker," the Doors' "Five to One," Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Lazarus" and Steve Miller's "Take the Money and Run." And after this incident, don't be surprised if a Buffett sample joins the roster. That would be a very fitting way to discredit this despicable incident. -- Michael Roberts


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