Anti-abortion zealots think Race For the Cure's about them

Each year, the positivity of Race For the Cure, the subject of a huge slideshow today (complete with a shot of a friendly furry!), is disrupted by anti-abortion protesters, who scream at walkers as if they're all guilty of committing womb homicide. Their hook: They claim that abortions increase the odds of a woman getting breast cancer. This year, as I was walking by, plenty of marchers were shouting back at the placard wavers -- all men, as usual. "How many babies have you had?" one asked. Another simply barked, "Go away!," to which one of the protesters replied, "If we go away, you won't hear the truth!"

Oh, yeah: A few feet away, a pair of pro-choice types held up signs of their own. No yelling, no hectoring. Just a silent message that earned a smattering of applause. Get a look at them below:

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