Ardor in the court: Ted Haggard v. Judge Toler

At 6 p.m. tonight, Denver gets to see the first episode in what's being billed as a "very special two-part Divorce Court."

Through the mysteries of TV programming, I'm watching it right now in Tucson. And Judge Lynn Toler isn't giving "the former reverend" Ted Haggard and his wife of thirty years, Gayle, an easy time. She's asking Ted about how a minister can be so hypocritical; asking Gayle how she couldn't have known something was wrong with her marriage. And asking when she finally found out what Ted had been up to -- with the meth, with the male prostitute. After the scandal broke, Gayle says. After they both resigned from the church. Ted adds, "There was a time that I turned to Gayle, and I said 'I am going to tell you the whole truth.'"

And then there's this doozy: Did Gayle have difficulty letting Ted touch her again? "I had to process through this and not lose what we have," she answers.

"Why did you make the decision to come on this show?" asks the judge.

"If we can tell our story and give hope to others," answers Gayle.

No mention is made of the appearance fee the Haggards collected from the show's producer.

Tomorrow: The judge talks "in-depth" with Ted. "It's one show you don't want to miss," says Toler.

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