Attention DNC Attendees: Mikey's Place is Available

When last we heard about Alice 105.9 morning show producer Mikey Goldenberg, he was offering himself up for product sponsorship even though he's about as famous as you are. Now, however, he's got another pitch. He's created a YouTube video, viewable below, offering to rent his apartment during the upcoming Democratic National Convention. The pad's not exactly on the Pepsi Center's doorstep -- by his reckoning, it's about a twenty-minute walk away -- but it's got many other things to recommend it, including a homey, lived-in look.

Here's the clip:

At this writing, the clip has gotten just 136 views since being posted on July 8, and the only comment is from Alice hostess Jennifer Wilde, who writes, "Can Paul and I borrow your place to house our children for a week? Will you babysit too?" But in an exchange this morning, Goldenberg notes that "I've had a few e-mails of interest from people coming out from the East Coast, and I'm talking to a guy from upstate N.Y. about actually renting it. We're negotiating the price, but I'm fairly firm on what I'm asking for, so we'll see if he's interested in paying the full price..."

If not, maybe the guy will consider buying a sponsorship. -- Michael Roberts

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