Aurora vacation ideas from Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

In an effort to promote tourism in Aurora, officials have organized a new group called While most people associate Aurora with cheap hookers, pawn shops and Republican fund-raisers, there are so many other ways to attract tourists to Aurora by marketing vacation packages that showcase the city's cultural identity and strengths... The city of Denver is marketed to appeal to tourists who are upscale, liberal pot-smoking hipsters interested in cutting-edge cultural attractions. This allows Aurora to go after a completely different demographic of down-market, conservative, beer-guzzling rednecks interested in line dancing and $2 longneck drink specials. As shown below, even the cheapest tourists will spend money with the right diagnosis... The opening of the Anschutz Medical Campus has created an opportunity for Aurora to promote itself as a sort of guinea-pig paradise. Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine conduct hundreds of clinical trials each year and need thousands of volunteers.

These free-health-care holidays will attract the budget-conscious traveler, which will be a boon to the cheap hotels, fast-food outlets and 99-cent stores that surround the campus.

Below, see how automobile lovers will fly in to drive out of Dealin' Doug's Motorora Mile... As Aurora fine tunes its tourism focus, it need look no further than Dealin' Doug's Motorora Mile. As the auto industry shrinks, Havana Street could be marketed as a destination vacation to people who live in cities without auto dealers.

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