B-cycle system fixed, Ride the Rockies re-routing around Royal Gorge fire

Cycling is news in Colorado, especially during warm weather months.

As evidence, consider the hundreds of participants in Wednesdays Denver Cruisers Ride done up Mad Max/Thunderdome-style.

The latest? B-cycle's system is finally fixed after glitches that lingered for weeks, while the annual Ride the Rockies event is re-routing around the diminishing but still dangerous Royal Gorge fire.

As we've reported, B-cycle stations started having problems in late May due to a software upgrade necessitated by the program's expansion; it's now in more twenty cities across the country. Everything worked fine, more or less, for subscribers with B-cycle cards. But whenever anyone tried to access a B-cycle using a credit card, the system would time out. And while the problem struck various locations, it hit Denver the hardest.

The issue proved damnably difficult to repair, too, forcing the cancellation of a free B-cycle day promotion that was supposed to run for three consecutive Wednesdays through June 19.

Now, finally, there's good news. "Repairs to the Denver B-cycle software are complete and the system is open for all riders," executive director Parry Burnap announced in a statement. She added, "Our vendor has implemented a solution and all tests to date are positive. We will watch the system closely during this re-start and our customer service staff will be ready to respond but we have every expectation that the system is fully operational and back to normal.

"We want to thank all our users and the community at large for their troubleshooting assistance and patience during this interruption in service."

A different kind of interruption loomed before Ride the Rockies, which got underway this year on June 9. The sixth stage of the ride, taking place today, was scheduled to take participants along Highway 50 into the area of the Royal Gorge fire. While the blaze is currently 40 percent contained and seems to be winding down (the highway, which had been closed, opened again yesterday), organizers didn't want to take any chances or further stress firefighting and law-enforcement resources. So they've come up with a new route. According to a Ride the Rockies release, "The 93.5 mile route with a net elevation gain of 4,455 feet will now take cyclists through Westcliffe, Wetmore and Florence en route to Cañon City Middle School."

See a map of the route and get additional details from the PDF below.

Ride the Rockies Re-Route Map

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