Baby Cats Having Other Baby Cats Syndrome in Denver: How you can "Beat the Heat" (VIDEO)

The Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance is at it again. The Feline Fix organization, which has promoted spaying and neutering via unique campaigns involving Tom Cat condoms applied by the indefatigable Nurse Nancy is now tackling B.C.H.O.B.C.S.I.D. -- Baby Cats Having Other Baby Cats Syndrome in Denver. Seems your kitty can get pregnant as young as five months -- which is why the Alliance is sponsoring a "Beat the Heat" campaign.

Learn more about the deal, which offers $30 spays and neuters through the summer, by checking out the ultra-entertaining video and RMACA release below.

"Beat the Heat" effort promotes $30 spays/neuters all summer

The Feline Fix urges people to "fix before five"

DENVER -- June, 2011 -- The Feline Fix, a program of Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance, is back with the second annual "Beat the Heat" campaign urging cat owners to get their cats fixed with a summer-long $30 cat spay/neuter special.

The special is timed to meet the influx of kittens reaching five months old which is when accidental pregnancies often occur. "In an effort to promote juvenile spays and neuters during "kitten season" -- which coincides with the warm weather -- we wanted to provide an affordable, simple and convenient way for people to get their cats fixed," said Feline Fix Executive Director, Amy Angelilli.

Cats can go into heat as early as five months old and can be spayed even earlier at two months old, or, when they weigh two pounds. "People may not realize that cats can get pregnant at five months old, so they wait until the cat is older, but by then it could be too late and they could be expecting a new litter of kittens before the summer is done," said Angelilli.

In order to take advantage of the summer-long deal, people simply need to go to The Feline Fix and say, "Beat the Heat" when they are checking their cat in the morning of the surgery. They can go to or call 303.202.3516 to make a reservation.

The Feline Fix encourages kittens be spayed or neutered before five months old, not only to prevent future unwanted litters, but also for the long-term health of the cat, to reduce the number of tax dollars spent on caring for homeless cats in municipal shelters and to prevent nuisance behaviors such as marking, spraying and howling in the house.

The Feline Fix is a program of Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance and is the only high quality, high volume, low cost spay/neuter clinic for feral stray and tame cats in Colorado.

For further information, contact Amy Angelilli at 303.975.2556 or go to

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