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Baby on board towed car: Guadalupe Torres-Sanchez & Rene Calderon cited for child abuse

Update: The original headline on this post asked who was the bigger idiot in the story of a mother discovering her car had been towed with her baby inside. We now know the Denver Police Department's answer to that question. After an investigation, the mom, Rene Calderon, and the child's father, Guadalupe Torres-Sanchez, have both been cited for misdemeanor child abuse. No other details are available thus far. Our initial post is below.

Original item, 2:01 p.m. December 1: Betcha a local woman won't be charged for having her car towed, although she could be charged with something else -- and she might not be alone. Yesterday, the woman's vehicle was carted off with her car-seat-bound nine-month old inside. Why didn't the tow-truck operator notice? And why was the child left alone in the first place? No doubt the Denver Police officers are asking these and other questions at this very moment.

Here are the basics from a Denver Police Department release:

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Denver Police Investigate Towing Incident Involving Child

(Denver) Denver Police are looking into an incident where an infant was left inside a towed car in downtown Denver late Tuesday night.

Denver 911 received a call from the mother of a 9-month-old female child on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at approximately 8:16 p.m. The mother told dispatchers that her car had been towed and that her child was inside. The vehicle had been parked in a private parking space. Shortly after the mothers call, an employee from Excalibur Towing called Denver dispatch and related that a child had been found inside a vehicle the company towed from 2146 Curtis Street.

Denver Officers responded to the Excalibur towing lot which is located at 3900 Wynkoop Street, where they took the child into protective custody and later returned the child to her mother.

The case has been assigned to the Missing and Exploited Persons Unit and is still under investigation.

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