Peter Boyles.
Peter Boyles.

Bad news: Peter Boyles' radio show now vagina-free

The craziness couldn't go on indefinitely. In an attempt to quiet the controversy caused by KHOW radio host Peter Boyles' off-the-cuff decision to call Congresswoman Diana DeGette "Vagina DeGette" and "Vagina DeJet" (documented in blogs such as "Is It Peter Boyles, Peter Boils or Boil Peters?" and "The Susan Greene-Peter Boyles Vagina Dialogue"), his immediate supervisor, Clear Channel Denver exec Kris Olinger, told him to put a sock in the V-talk -- a development reported in this Rocky Mountain News article. And Boyles followed orders all too well. When I tuned in this morning, during the 6 a.m. hour, he was dishing about favorite cars -- a subject not likely to prompt a negative item from Colorado Media Matters. Moreover, sound clips accessible on this page demonstrate that he spent subjequent hours mainly gabbing about Barack Obama -- what he might say during his nationally televised speech tonight, whether he was actually born in this country, yadda-yadda-yadda. And not once did Boyles refer to him by a locker-room-style name -- like, for instance, Barack Orgasma.

Of course, there's always tomorrow...


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