Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene returns to his home/launch site: Watch out for next "experimental craft"

It seems like only yesterday that a silver balloon floating across Colorado caused a nation to stop -- and celebrities to tweet -- about Richard Heene and his young son Falcon, who reacted to the publicity his non-flight generated by vomiting on the Today show.

And now? Richard, who pleaded guilty to his role in the hoax (which he subsequently insisted wasn't a hoax at all), has completed the jail and work-release portion of his sentence and will wrap up the rest of his ninety-day sentence at home. Where he has all of his inventing tools and material, not to mention lotsa time to cook up his next attention-getter.

Will it be another "experimental craft"? No telling -- but here's a word of advice to Falcon: If your dad asks if you'd like to appear on TV again, just start puking.

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