Balloon Boy takes 9News' website numbers through the roof

Channel 9 president and general manager Mark Cornetta should give Balloon Boy Falcon Heene and his dubious dad Richard a couple of big, wet kisses. Richard called 9News first (hmmmmm), giving the outlet a head start on what turned out to be the biggest, oddest story of the day in these United States -- and he capped off the evening with an interview (on view below) revealing that the balloon in question was a prototype for future travel: personal blimps for all! And because Channel 9 has a relationship with CNN, not to mention an NBC bureau based in its building, its footage was on view in more places than Cornetta can even guess.

The website numbers are equally spectacular. "To put things in perspective, our normal traffic on a day without any major breaking news or weather is usually anywhere from 750,000 to a million page views a day, and about 150,000 unique visitors," Cornetta says. "Yesterday, we had 4.6 million page views and 939,000 visitors. And between the hours of 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. alone, we had 722,000 unique visitors and 3.8 million page views."

So, Falcon, if you're planning another flight...

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