Balloon Payments

It's not nice to string along a 106-year-old man. Last night, the Tonight show ran its piece on Denver -- Mo Rocca's advance look at the town in anticipation of 35,000 descending on it for the Democratic National Convention -- but the promised bit on Jack A. Weil, founder of Rockmount Ranchwear, was nowhere in sight. Instead, we got very flexible strippers at Shotgun Willies, very clever drag queens at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret, and Mayor John Hickenlooper, blowing hard.

After all, there will be 100,000 balloons to inflate when the DNC does Denver,

The best moments came when Hick and Rocca not only blew up balloons, but cut their own confetti, to help create the "greenest convention ever." And then Rocca hit the 16th Street Mall, asking this city's citizens how they were preparing for the event next August. "I'm a convicted felon," one mall ratt told Rocca as he shouldered him aside, "For aggravated assault."

That's the Denver we love. Only 388 days and 99,000 balloons to go. -- Patricia Calhoun

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