Barack Obama at CU: Will Coors Events Center need airing out after Wyclef Jean hot-boxing?

The details are in about President Barack Obama's visit to the CU-Boulder campus at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The venue? The Coors Events Center, where he'll be speaking only days after today's Wyclef Jean concert, which will probably need a good airing-out due to what could be a truly astounding amount of pot-smoking.

As you know, the doors to the free-to-students concert are scheduled to close at 4 p.m., just before the traditional 4:20 p.m. light-up time for 4/20 celebrants. The timing is part of CU-Boulder's effort to shrink the annual on-campus event, along with a more active police response, plus the closure of Norlin Quad and a visitor ban.

After the concert announcement, a slew of 4/20 at CU-Boulder memes popped up, with one of the most popular featuring Jean making a suggestion to attendees:

In the days that followed, the tone of Wyclef-related communication shifted, with plenty of folks on Facebook expressing fears that CU Police would bust anyone and everyone who dares to blaze at the show. In a conversation about the CU-Boulder Police plan, spokesman Ryan Huff shot down such speculation -- sort of.

"There are rumors going around on social media that we will use the Coors Events Center as a spot where we're going to lock the doors and ticket every last person who's smoking marijuana in there -- and that because the Coors Events Center is an enclosed area, it will make it easier for us to ticket people," he told us. "But even though people have to get to the concert by four o'clock, we will at no point be locking people in. They can leave anytime they want. There's just no return option."

That's not to suggest officers inside the concert are pledging to abstain entirely from issuing weed citations. "If people are smoking marijuana, we can certainly ticket them," Huff confirmed. "But I wouldn't say it's our number one priority of the day inside the Coors Events Center. Our officers inside will be doing what they normally do at a concert, which is making sure everyone is safe. They'll be enforcing the laws, too, but otherwise, I would consider it a normal concert operation."

With that in mind, expect 4:20 p.m. inside the venue to smell incredibly skunky -- and the staff to work overtime afterward to make sure the scent isn't still lingering when Obama hits town.

Regarding the particulars of attending the Obama appearance, the Denver Post reports that CU students will be able to get free passes at the University Memorial Center beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday, with members of the general public getting their chance at the UMC Monday at noon -- although it's unclear how many seats will be left by then. Coors Events Center seats just over 11,000, and presumably students will view the presidential stop as a hot ticket.

As opposed to a hot-boxing one.

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