Bare breasts in Boulder: Housing authority decision means Catherine Pierce's can hang out again

The campaign to establish a new public nudity ordinance in Boulder took an unexpected turn a few weeks back. That's when Catharine Pierce, 52, turned heads when she decided to garden wearing nothing but a thong in her front yard, just around the corner from a pre-K through twelfth grade school.

After Pierce's horticultural demonstration, reps from the Boulder Housing Authority, which is in charge of her abode, discussed writing rules forbidding female residents from displaying their aerolas in quite so blatant a way -- and even Judd Golden, head of Boulder's ACLU, didn't seem to have a big objection to the idea.

But now that the Boulder City Council has passed the ordinance, which doesn't prohibit women from going topless, the Housing Authority has nipped its nipple ban in the bud.

As the Boulder Daily Camera reports, the nonprofit group has decided that its own rules should reflect those of the community as a whole -- meaning that stricter regs against gal parts are now off the table.

On its face (and lower), this decision seems to sanction more gardening of the sort that got Pierce so much attention last month. Which means kids who attend the nearby Shining Mountain Waldorf School should be prepared to see the sights, as it were.

Who's up for anatomy class?

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