Bear Market

Tier I

Denver Museum of Nature and Science -- $7,205,093

Denver Zoo -- $5,636,952

Denver Art Museum -- $5,636,952

Denver Botanic Gardens -- $3,252,087

Tier II *

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities -- $883,938

Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center -- $563,899

Central City Opera -- $215,360

Cherry Creek Arts Festival -- $100,181

Children's Museum -- $514,451

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance -- $136,818

Colorado Ballet -- $441,343

Colorado Chautauqua Association -- $147,592

Colorado Mountain Club -- $156,087

Colorado Music Festival -- $101,028

Colorado Symphony Orchestra -- $935,276

Denver Center for the Performing Arts -- $2,860,392

Historic Paramount -- $335,066

Hudson Gardens -- $245,683

Lakewood Heritage, Culture and the Arts -- $127,390

Mizel Family Cultural Arts Center -- $325,049

Opera Colorado -- $248,283

PeakArts (Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, Boulder Ballet, Colorado Sinfonia and Boulder Arts Academy) -- $330,018

*Each Tier II group gets an additional 10 percent in discretionary funds, but they pool half of that money for joint projects such as community outreach, internship programs and research and marketing efforts. The alliance that these organizations have formed is called the Community Awareness Partnership.

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