Bears fans need to keep on lovin' Kyle Orton

We've done more than our fair share of ribbing QB Kyle Orton since he headed to Denver as part of a trade with the Bears for Jay Cutler. But despite the party-dude reputation KO garnered during his time in Chi-town, plenty of the Bears faithful still have a soft spot for him personally, if not as a field general. Witness "We Should All Root for Orton," a piece on Chicago Now's Da' Bears Blog. Author Jeff Hughes disagrees with Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Hayes' contention that the trade's essentially a draw at this point -- Jay rules! But he doesn't make this argument at Orton's expense. Hughes writes:

I remember Kyle Orton getting benched against Atlanta in 2005 during a game he was winning. I remember him being demoted from ten wins to third string. You know what else I remember? No complaining. No comments. Just hard work and a ballplayer waiting for his chance.

He's got it now -- against New England on Sunday. But at least he'll have fans from two cities cheering him on.

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