Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow

The wheelchair-bound fellow rolling his way up Broadway just after 7 a.m. this morning, an icy-cold six-pack of Bud Light in his lap (3.2, of course, but your convenience-store options are limited), knew how he was going to spend another 100-degree day: drinking in Civic Center Park.

Too bad The Early Show crew that set up shot in that very location on Friday didn't capture this solid citizen for posterity. But beer was definitely front and center, as boosters had decided the best way to hype this city to a national audience at six in the morning — for a whopping 105 seconds -- was to proclaim it the Napa Valley of microbrews and have CBS weather personality Dave Price do a taste test.

No Bud Light in the mix, of course. And no Coors, either. But even as the cameras rolled — and Price reminded everyone to "drink responsibly" — word was spewing like a CU fraternity pledge that Pete Coors had been popped with a DUI, and would be in court that day. Coors, the man who would have been senator.

Welcome to the very Mile High City.

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