Belated recognition: Rocky Mountain News wins coveted SABEW award

The Best in Business awards doled out annually by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers are among the most prestigious in journalism, and a Denver newspaper won an important one. Unfortunately, that publication no longer exists.

Yep, the Rocky Mountain News earned the overall excellence prize for large newspapers -- those with a circulation between 225,000 and 325,000. (The Kansas City Star and the Detroit Free Press were also honored in this category.) In addition, Al Lewis was recognized for his outstanding business column not once, but twice -- the first time for work with the Denver Post, the second for offerings published under the auspices of his current employer, Dow Jones.

At least Rocky reps won't have to travel far to get their award: The annual SABEW convention takes place in Denver April 26-28. The committee chair for the event is none other than former Rocky business editor Rob Reuteman -- arguably the person most responsible for making the late tabloid's business section worthy of national acclaim. Indeed, Reuteman co-authored an article on the SABEW site tipping potential attendees to some of the must-see spots in the city. Somebody buy that man a drink.

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