Bike hit and run: Fort Collins police say driver to blame in crash that hurt cyclist

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Rebekah Finkle, a community service officer with the Fort Collins Police Department, shares witness accounts from an incident last Tuesday. That's when a Ford Explorer was traveling southbound on South College Avenue by Columbia Road when it ran through a red light. At the same time, Dornan, the cyclist, was headed eastbound.

Finkle says the vehicle collided with the cyclist in a crash that knocked off part of the car's hubcap. But the Explorer continued southbound, and police have been unable to locate the car or a suspect at this writing. While there were several witnesses on the scene, no one caught a license plate or knew the year of the car, and Finkle says there's no footage of the crash.

Assuming that the driver had a valid license and insurance, he or she could eventually be charged with careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident, a misdemeanor offense.

Finkle says of the cyclist, "He had the right of way. He was going eastbound on a green light."

Here's the full police report and below is our original coverage from last week.

Fort Collins Accident Report

Continue for our original coverage and interview with cyclist Dave Dornan.

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