Bill Owens Dips Another Toe Into the Talk-Show Waters

Less than two weeks ago (as noted in this July 25 More Messages blog), former Colorado governor Bill Owens was waxing rhapsodic about the talk-show medium during an on-air appearance, leading yours truly to speculate that he's either angling for a fulltime radio gig or would at least entertain the idea if one was offered to him. Today, August 5, there's more evidence to support such conjecture: Owens will be filling in for vacationing yakker Mike Rosen from 9 a.m. to noon at the city's dominant commercial news-and-information signal, KOA/850 AM.

Unlike his last stint, when he teamed with Craig Silverman during afternoon drive on KHOW/630 AM, Owens will be flying solo -- and given his glibness and confidence, he'll undoubtedly touch down safely at show's end. Afterward, he may have a better idea whether he'd like to man the pilot's seat on a more permanent basis. -- Michael Roberts


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