It's The Bill and Feddy Show!

Bill Ritter and Federico Peña: America's got talent?

Considering the amount of cheese the folks at the Democratic National Convention Committee have been churning out in the weeks leading up to this year's big show, they must think the forthcoming festivities are taking place in Wisconsin. Exhibit A is a video teasing Countdown to America's Future, a webcast premiering August 24 on the DemConvention.com site. In it, former Denver mayor Federico Peña and Colorado governor Bill Ritter, speaking from Mile High Stadium, banter like Red Bull-buzzed minor celebs at an awards show. First, Ritter's voice breaks while saying the word "Invesco" -- guess all the excitement over the convention is bringing on a second adolescence. Then there's this exchange:

Peña: You know, Governor, in just a few weeks, this place is going to be filled with thousands of people cheering for the winning team!

Ritter: You mean the Broncos?

Peña: No! The Democrats!

Witness this cheesefest for yourself by clicking "More." It'll make you wish you'd brought some crackers. -- Michael Roberts

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