Bill Romanowski as Redskins' strength and conditioning coach? What a juicy idea

The Washington Post is reporting that former Bronco Bill Romanowski is interviewing for a job with his old coach, Mike Shanahan, now helming the Redskins. The gig? Strength-and-conditioning coach.

Cue peals of laughter.

Yes, Romanowski was strong, Really strong. Crazy strong -- which is what can happen to a guy who uses steroids, as Romo admitted to doing during a 60 Minutes interview back in 2005. See a clip of 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley talking about that piece below.

As Pelley notes, Romanowski says his 'roid use was confined to the last years of his career, when he was desperately trying to stay in the league -- and he's talked about regretting the decision (just as he's discussed feeling bad about spitting in the face of receiver J.J. Stokes).

Still, this past affiliation would make hiring Romo for a strength-and-conditioning gig into an instant punchline, not to mention a massive distraction for Shanahan, who'll likely be busy trying to get Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to leave him the hell alone.

Yes, late last year, Mark McGwire, who belatedly admitted that he was juiced (a confession that didn't exactly shock the world), was named the new hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. But hitting and building muscle are two different things. Maybe that's why the Post quotes an NFL source as warming "that an interview doesn't mean Romanowski is any type of favorite for the job."

Hope that doesn't cause him to fly into a rage. Here's the aforementioned clip of Pelley talking about Romo:

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