Bird Brained

Although you can take the cock out of the fight, you can't take the fight out of the cock. But the state of New Mexico is hoping to take humans out of the cock-fighting equation altogether.

Our neighbor to the south is one of two states (the other is Louisiana) that still allows humans to take two roosters, strap razors to their beaks, and set the birds in a ring -- where they fight to the death for human entertainment and gambling profits.

While some cities and counties in New Mexico have already outlawed cockfighting, that state's senate recently approved a bill that would make participating in a cockfight a misdemeanor on the first two offenses and a felony on the third.

But here in Colorado, not only is producing a cockfight a felony on the very first offense, so is watching a cockfight, possession of a gamecock intended for fighting, and possession of cockfighting paraphernalia. Click here to read all about how Colorado came to have some of the toughest laws in the country banning this "sport." --Luke Turf

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