Bizarre Colorado crimes inspiring copycats?

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Number 2: The do-it-yourself strip search

The man from Maine is not the only person whose antics landed him in the psych ward. In April, a fuming woman at Denver International Airport stripped after she was told to extinguish a cigarette. Here's photographic proof.

The woman was taken to a hospital and never publicly identified.

Fifty-year-old John E. Brennan was not so lucky. Angered by his treatment by the TSA at Portland International Airport, he disrobed in protest, as camera phones that were not already going through security caught all the action. Here's an example:

Brennan was charged with indecent exposure -- but earlier this month, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge David Reeds ruled his act was a true protest, and thus protected speech. As a result, he was found not guilty.

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