Blair Griffith, homeless Miss Colorado: 20/20 appearance latest stop in media tour (VIDEOS)

Miss Colorado Blair Griffth has gotten more attention than anyone holding that title in recent memory for a very good reason: After winning the state pageant, she and her mom wound up homeless.

Tonight, she'll tell her story on the ABC news magazine 20/20 -- but not for the first time.

Back in February, Griffith turned up on the Today show, as seen below, with less tony appearances following. Note that the second clip we've included, from RTAmerica, features the slogan "Hot and Homeless." But even in conversations with outlets like ThePageantGuy.com -- the third video here -- she comes across as poised, intelligent and matter of fact. Rather than milking her situation for phony emotion, she speaks about it in a straight-forward fashion that enhances her credibility. Expect to be seeing her in the spotlight for many years to come.

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Check out these previews for Griffith's 20/20 moment.

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