Bob Newman fights for the haters

Our Tuesday blog about KOA radio host Bob Newman's decision to leave his show in favor of a mysterious counter-terrorism assignment in a country a nineteen-hour flight from Denver has prompted some memorable comments, most of which show little love for Gunny Bob. This response differs considerably from the messages that came Newman's way after he announced his impending move on the air Monday night. The next morning, he told me that he'd received about 500 e-mails, of which only two were negative -- with one of the latter declaring, "Good riddens." Yes, Newman spelled it out for me.

Moments ago, Newman sent his own e-mail, offering his take on the aforementioned comments. The note reads:

I must say you certainly have some interesting fans, i.e., liberals who are posting on your blog that they want me killed or captured and tortured because they disagree with my opinions on certain things. It must be weird having readers that openly support the terrorists.

The ironic part is that I'll be doing work that helps insure their free-speech rights. It is pointed commentary that they can't grasp that.

In actuality, none of the comments on the original blog actually wish for Newman's death -- although one writer does fantasize about waterboarding. Still, Gunny Bob's going to do all he can to protect such pinkos, whether they appreciate it or not. And my guess is: not.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.