Boulder Daily Camera's fourth most popular story doesn't exist -- or does it?

As you can see above, and in the full list below, the fourth most-viewed story on the Boulder Daily Camera website from a few moments ago apparently doesn't exist -- although maybe it does. How metaphysical! Here's an explanation by the perky yet mysterious error message:

Sorry, we could not find the article you're looking for Posted: 02/09/2012 03:31:39 PM MST Updated: 02/09/2012 03:41:15 PM MST

Congratulations! You found a link we goofed up on, and as a result you're here, on the article-not-found page.

So, yeah, sorry, we could not find the article you're looking for. There are a couple possible reasons for this:

The article has expired from our system. We expire articles from our system for two main reasons: We have updated that article and rendered the old article irrelevant, or we don't have the rights to use an article after a certain length of time.

We, or someone else, incorrectly wrote the link to the article. It looks like this is what happened here. The article you're looking for does exist, and searching for the article by its headline is the quickest way to figure out where it is.

But if you don't know the headline, how do you search by it? These are the sorts of questions that keep netizens up at night -- along with playing Starcraft 2.

By the way, the Camera has now fixed the bug. But this is the roster that prompted the repair:

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