Boulder elk shooting: Suspended cop has taxidermy business

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Yesterday, a full page ad appeared in the Daily Camera on the topic of the elk's shooting. As you can see in the image below, it asks a single question: Why?

The weekend was also marked by a candlelight vigil for the elk. Here's a video from the scene:

Also online is footage of the elk idly munching some greenery:

Accompanying this clip is a long post decrying the killing. Here's an excerpt:

This video was shot on December 23rd. I had two dogs with me while shooting this video. Does this animal look aggressive to you? Is he making aggressive gestures towards me and my dogs? While this video was being filmed, I was waiting for the Boulder Police to arrive. My neighbor had called as we were concerned about the animal and the only way to reach Boulder Animal Control after hours is through Boulder Police Department Dispatch. I waited for over an hour with this animal. He didn't once make any gesture of aggression towards me or any of the many people on the sidewalk walking back to their cars on Pearl Street. The police never arrived. In the week after this incident, the police still refused to get help for this animal, contact the appropriate wildlife officials or relocate him somewhere safe. Within a week, this elk was shot by the very people we naively contacted for help. Sadly, our concerned calls to the police department were used to track and illegally kill this gorgeous creature. I should add here...this elk never did walk into the street. He walked on the sidewalk, down the north side of Pearl from 5th. As he had lived down here for some time, he seemed to have some idea about how to avoid traffic.
Beckner is slated to meet with members of the community today about the elk's death. Here's guessing that those attending won't be satisfied with platitudes.

Continue to see Beckner's letter to the community and photos of the vigil from the aforementioned Facebook page.
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