Boulder Fourmile Canyon burn area flooding dangers aren't over, says sheriff's office (VIDEO)

A monsoonal weather pattern has made the Front Range soggy for at least a week now, resulting in the first-ever in-progress cancellation of Film on the Rocks, not to mention some spectacular lightning shows. But the folks near the Fourmile Canyon burn zone have had enough. After all, another rainstorm practically guarantees more flooding.

According to Boulder County Sheriff's Office spokesman Rick Brough, flooding this week in communities like Salina Junction has done substantial damage. "We've had some structures that have been damaged from debris flows -- two or three residences, as well as a barn. And we've also had cars that were pushed off the road and stranded in the mud and debris flows. And the roads were blocked for two days. Everything's open now, but Wednesday and Thursday, we had a portion of Fourmile closed so road crews could get up there -- so some residents couldn't get to their homes for a couple of days."

Brough notes that even though the rainstorm in the Fourmile area "didn't drop an unusually large amount of precipitation," it caused issues due to "the lack of vegetation that holds the ground. And now, the ground is saturated. So it's almost like Russian Roulette. Everything depends on where the thunderstorms pop up and what their paths are. And if we have a large, slow-moving storm that would drop a couple of inches of rain in a short amount of time, there could be major problems up there."

The good news? Forecasters expect any area storm activity this afternoon and evening to be more moderate than it's been in the past few days. The bad news? Such prognosticators have been surprised by the fury of several recent weather outbursts -- and if they're wrong again, even more destruction is likely. That's why Brough says "we've got to have some drier weather up there, to give the ground a chance to dry out."

Look below to see a 9News video about Fourmile flooding:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.