Broncos Fans Point and Laugh Through Tears at Brock Osweiler's Benching

Former Denver quarterback Brock Osweiler was benched in the second quarter of the Houston Texans' win over the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday, offering Broncos fans a ray of sunshine on an otherwise dark day.

Shortly after Texans backup Tom Savage led his squad to a comeback victory over the Jags, the Broncos fell to the New England Patriots and the much-hated Tom Brady by an embarrassing score of 16-3. Once again, Denver's offense was inept, wasting another strong performance by the defense and all but dooming the Broncos' chances of making the playoffs and being able to defend their Super Bowl championship.

Somehow, though, the sight of Osweiler cooling his heels on the sidelines as Texans fans celebrated provided balm for the wounds inflicted by the Pats. Osweiler was supposed to be Peyton Manning's successor, but when he got his feelings hurt over being pulled from the final game of last year's regular season in favor of PFM, he spurned Denver's efforts to re-sign him in favor of a $72 million contract offer from the Texans. This move prompted incredible anger from members of Broncos Nation on Twitter and understandable delight when Brock and company lost to Denver back in October — and his benching has made smiles grow even wider.

Not that the Broncos are in great shape offensively. Trevor Siemian doesn't look like a long-term solution at QB for the squad (the pick he threw in the first half yesterday was a humiliating crusher), and supposed signal-caller-of-the-future Paxton Lynch conjured uncomfortable memories of Tim Tebow the last time he took the field.

But at least Broncos general manager John Elway didn't up his (admittedly hefty) offer to Osweiler in order to best the Texans. Otherwise, a Denver-free NFL post-season would be even more depressing to contemplate.

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