Broncos playoffs-challenge trivia, day three: Test how big a fan you really are!

Yep, Tim Tebow and the Broncos are in the playoffs, and each day this week, to get you ready for Saturday's showdown with the New England Patriots, we're going to put real fans to the test with brain teasers from the Denver Broncos Trivia Game (the 1985 version, which I just found at a local antique mall). Warning: They're super-tough, just like the Broncos will need to be. Look below for our third batch of questions, then flip the page for answers. Question 1: "What former Broncos quarterback holds the team record for the longest touchdown pass (before 1985)?"

Question 2: "Broncos quarterbacks Pete Liske and John Hufnagel graduated from what university?"

Question 3: "What enterprise occupied the site on which Mile High Stadium, previously Bear Stadium, now stands?"

Question 4: "On September 3, 1966, the Broncos played a game without gaining a first down. Who was their opponent?"

Question 5: "Robert L. Jackson and Dave Logan were both obtained from what other NFL team?"

Page down for the answers! Answer 1: George Shaw.

Shaw suited up for the Baltimore Colts, New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings before ending his playing career at Denver in 1962.

Answer 2: Penn State.

Hufnagel played for the Broncos from 1973-1975, and went on to become a coach in the NFL and Canada. Liske was a Bronco in 1970.

Answer 3: Denver City Dump.

Now it's only like a dump when the Raiders come to town. Rimshot!

Answer 2: The Houston Oilers.

No, haters: Tim Tebow was not the quarterback.

Answer 5: Cleveland.

Logan, of course, is a spectacularly talented hometown boy who settled in for the long haul. Read more in our 2009 post "Dave Logan named to Parade's top-fifty All America football players list."

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