Broncos superfan Hat Man on getting shot at in Kansas City -- and six other incredible stories

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4. The engine-powered blender: Although the members of the Hall of Fans celebrated rival teams, they all shared the love of football, and they all knew what it was like to be so devoted to one team. "It was like a huge family," says Hocking. "Of course there was the team competition between us, but we had a blast.

"We'd all get together and, at that time, our [Hall of Fans] group was small. The group now, I think, would take up two hotels, but we took up two floors of this, I think it was a Holiday Inn. We had a ground-floor room, and we opened our door to the hallway. People would walk in, and they'd walk right out the sliding door because there was grass all around there and a nice secluded area with trees all around it. We had the trailer there with the music and [this engine-powered] blender, and it got to be pretty late. It was like 11 p.m., and people were complaining that we were making too much noise, so the manager came out and said, 'You gotta bring the party in.' So we went into the banquet room area, actually we had what we called a hospitality room, and the guy said, 'C'mon bring all your stuff in.' And I said, 'Well, can we bring our blender?' and he goes, 'Well, sure,' and I said, 'Hey, it's a gas blender. It's loud.' We didn't want to get anybody angry. And he goes, 'Just shut the door and everything will be fine and nobody can hear it. That's a soundproof room.'

"So we all moved into that room, and it's like midnight, and then one of the Packer fans, this guy they call Titletown Clown, he said, 'Well, Jay, we have no music. Why don't we just take the whole trailer in?'...So he and I go out and we rolled the trailer out of this little area and into the driveway and then we see all kinds of people walking around the building and you know this is Canton on a beautiful night and it's warm and everything and I say [to myself], 'Well, jeez, Jay, these people are health freaks. They're going for walks at midnight,' and I see this police car pull up and I said, 'Oh, crap. What's going on?' So I kind of put the trailer down and then comes the freaking fire truck. They're all parking in front of the hotel and I say, 'Oh, Chuck, we'd better put the trailer back. We don't want any cops seeing us trying to take the propane and all this stuff into the hotel.'

"We get into the hospitality room and there's all of our people. The fans were all sitting in there, laughing and joking, and the fire alarm's going off and nobody's doing anything! And then the fire department and the firemen come and... Ernestine -- she was a Titans fan -- Ernestine yells out, 'The strippers are here!'

"Valerie was running the blender, and the carbon monoxide detector went off, evacuated the whole place, evacuated five floors, two wings."

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