Building for the future: Who's next for 1100 Bannock?

For lease: the luckiest building in Denver. Four years ago, this space at 11th Avenue and Bannock Street was home to the Ken Salazar for Senate campaign -- a race that Colorado's then-attorney general won easily when the Republicans lined up behind Peter Coors, whose candidacy fell flatter than a day-old glass of beer.

Next occupant of 1100 Bannock: Bill Ritter's gubernatorial campaign. Although it took a while for Democrats to acknowledge that the former Denver District Attorney was really their candidate (at one point, some insiders were even pushing Salazar to leave the Senate seat he'd attained less than two years earlier), the party finally rallied behind Ritter, who beat Republican candidate Bob Beauprez handily in 2006.

Next up: Mark Udall, the second congressional district representative who used the space as the headquarters for his race for the Senate in 2008. And he blew right past Bob Schaffer, the wannabe gubernatorial candidate that the Republicans had snubbed in 2004 in favor of Coors.

No matter what Schaffer's looking at for his next venture, he might want to consider basing it in this space in the Golden Triangle. -- Patricia Calhoun

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