Cam Newton Pouts at Andy Griffith's Advice About Being a Good Loser

Ron Howard had an important role in the lead-up to Super Bowl 50, won by your Denver Broncos.

But he made his biggest contribution to the contest after the fact — via a video shared here, in which he speaks for a pouting Cam Newton while being gently chided by his TV dad.

To explain: In the introduction to the big game, Howard was seen directing a segment featuring celebrities from Kevin Bacon to Lady Gaga sharing their memories of Super Bowls past — after which competing quarterbacks Newton and Denver's Peyton Manning summed things up.

During the clip, also on view below, Newton says, "Super Bowl 50, of all Super Bowls. The emotions I have right now...I'm speechless."

Almost. Following the loss, Newton gave truncated answers to reporters' questions before cutting off the interview early and storming off.

Turns out something like this had happened before — on The Andy Griffith Show, co-starring Howard as adorable moppet Opie Taylor. And after Cam's face is super-imposed on Opie's face, the dialogue perfectly comments on what happened last Sunday.

"I don't think it was very nice of you to walk off the way you did," Andy begins.

"I didn't win!" Cam/Opie whines. "I didn't win...."

"I know you didn't win," Andy acknowledges. "But the important thing is, you was in there tryin'. That's what's important."

"They don't give you no medal for tryin'," Cam/Opie points out.

Andy's response: "I know that. I know that. And it's nice to win somethin'. It's real nice to win somethin'. But it's more important to know how not to win somethin'."

Cut to a close-up of Cam/Opie. "I know how to do that real good,"

And Broncos fans couldn't be more grateful. Look below to see the clip, followed by the adult Howard's Super intro.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.