Candorville Transforms Dana Perino Into a Parrot

On January 8, Darrin Bell's Candorville -- one of my favorite newspaper comic strips, as noted in my survey of the funnies last September -- more or less takes on Dana Perino, the longtime Coloradoan currently serving as the press secretary for President George W. Bush. In the second frame of the sample seen above, an anonymous TV reporter says, "Paulie, some Americans are wondering why the White House replaced its spokesperson with a trained parrot." Next up is an actual parrot, who replies, "SQWAWK. We don't comment on ongoing legal proceedings. SQWAWK." The final frame finds the reporter trying to follow up, but as he says, "I didn't ask about a legal --," the parrot interrupts him by declaring, "SQWAWK. It's old news. SQWAWK."

Perino, who was profiled by Westword shortly after taking the gig as the Prez's mouthpiece, couldn't have said it better herself. -- Michael Roberts

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