Carla Madison, late District 8 councilwoman, was steering the city's food truck task force

Food truck season is rolling right in, but Carla Madison is no longer in the driver's seat.

Who's steering the process now?

The late Denver City Council representative was a favorite -- not just for her eye-catching outfits and cheerful outlook, but her willingness to take on just about any job, including heading the food-truck task force charged with clearing up, and perhaps updating, the city's regulations regarding the operation of mobile food vendors.

Madison was at the first meeting of that group in March, when considerable progress was made toward identifying areas of concern. At the time, Madison said she hoped to propose some changes to city regulations governing the operation of trucks this spring. (Find the current regs -- pulled into one handy Food Truck Guide -- by clicking here.)

When the task force held its second meeting earlier this month, Stephanie Cross, Madison's council aide, filled in. She reports that the task force is "continuing to move forward." Brian Phetteplace, from the Downtown Denver Partnership, is co-chairing the group, and the Partnership is currently creating a survey for all food-truck operators to identify any "gray areas" pertaining to current rules and regulations.

There was nothing gray about colorful Carla Madison, though. And no matter who winds up winning the District 8 seat left vacant by Madison's death, it's hard to imagine a councilperson who could be more sensitive to the needs of her constituents -- or the entire city.

While the task force grapples with the rules that will guide this summer's truck operations, get a taste of how vibrant this movement has become at the premiere Food Truck Warriors party slated for a parking lot at Ninth and Bannock on Saturday, April 30. And watch our Cafe Society blog for details on how you can win free food/drink for that party.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.