Carla Madison's District 8 City Council seat opening attracts a whopping 39 candidates

Thirty-nine. That's how many people had registered with the Denver Elections Division by last night's deadline as write-in candidates for the District 8 seat previously occupied by Carla Madison, who passed away two weeks ago today. She was running unopposed, but 39 people were apparently running in place, ready to get into the game -- and it would have been forty if early hopeful Rob Price hadn't jumped out of the crowded pool yesterday.

"With 39 people vying to be the next councilperson for District 8," Rob Price writes, "I decided to withdraw my candidacy. The list of candidates is long, but the list of qualified candidates is short. There are a few strong leaders with a history of serving the community that will probably do a fine job representing the diverse needs of District 8. From here on out, I will work to educate my neighbors about the candidates, spread the word about forums and create dialogues to encourage voters to engage in the process. This election is vital to the district and some residents are not aware that a vote for Carla Madison goes uncounted."

At this point, some residents of Denver also seem unaware that this election is by mail, with all ballots due by 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 3. But in District 8 -- which stretches from downtown to Five Points to City Park to Park Hill -- they're unlikely to remain unaware for long.

Thirty-nine candidates will soon be knocking on their door.

Find the complete list of possibilities on the Denver Elections Division site. Rob Price has also converted his District 8 Facebook candidacy page to general information about the race. In order to win the race outright, a candidate must get more than 50 percent of the votes; if no one does, the two top vote-getters will go to a June runoff. But remember: Any votes cast for Carla Madison will not be included in the total count when calculating that 50 percent.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.