Carol Kreck: The Librarian Strikes Back

The press advisory from Michael Huttner of ProgressNow Action identifies Carol Kreck, pictured above, as a "60-year-old librarian" -- a description that's technically accurate, but which plays on at least a couple of stereotypes, as noted in this More Messages blog about Kreck's arrest outside a John McCain town hall meeting held at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts on July 7. Implying that Kreck is a timid victim simply because of her current profession insults librarians even as it ignores the decades she spent as a tough-nosed reporter for the Denver Post.

To prove she's got no back-down in her, Kreck will be outside a 10 a.m. July 25 McCain event at the Grand Hyatt Hotel along with a number of other protesters, including representatives of veterans groups such as Leon Rodriguez (who -- full disclosure -- happens to be my wife's uncle). Oh yeah: She'll have the same "McCain = Bush" sign with her that got her ticketed in the first place.

Click "More" to see the ProgressNow press release, with more information about the protest, as well as the video of Kreck's previous brush with the boys in blue. -- Michael Roberts

Carol Kreck, others, to protest Sen. John McCain with "McCain = Bush" sign

Press Advisory

Who: Carol Kreck, a 60-year-old librarian, who was ticketed for holding a McCain = Bush sign at a town hall meeting two weeks ago, will join others in a protest of Sen. McCain's visit to Denver on Friday--five days before she must appear in court on trespassing charges.

What: She will carry the same "McCain = Bush" sign to meet Sen. McCain when he arrives at the Hyatt tomorrow.

When: 10 a.m. Friday, July 25

Where: In front of Grand Hyatt Hotel, 1750 Welton, Denver

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.