Census 2010: Sure, the city's wrong on your form -- but trust us

As the 2010 Census gears up (and the U.S. Census Bureau looks to hire takers who have what it takes), technical questions are sure to come up -- like, for example, should prisoners on the eastern plains by counted as rural residents or urban visitors. Still, it's a little disturbing when a census spokeswoman says we shouldn't worry if we get forms that have the wrong city stamped on them.

That's the line media specialist Deborah Cameron shared with the Greeley Tribune after some Greeley residents received documents saying they actually live in Evans. She says the mailings have a bar code that contains the correct information even if the name of the city is wrong, so recipients shouldn't worry that they'll count as part of some other community's population.

Of course, the same bureau that's telling folks to have faith in the bar code botched the name of the city. But it couldn't screw up twice on the same envelope, could it? Don't answer that question...

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