Centennial's Dr. Michael Kurtz on the swine flu

Colorado may not be ground zero for the swine flu, but close enough. Note the enormous number of folks stricken by the malady in Fort Collins, including my brother-in-law (who was hospitalized for two days last week) and his two kids (their symptoms were less severe, fortunately). So it makes sense that when staffers at National Public Radio were looking for a pediatrician to talk about growing concern about this bug, they turned to Michael Kurtz, based in Centennial. In his conversation with host Madeline Brand, which aired yesterday afternoon, Kurtz said that his office has been visited by between thirty and fifty patients per day who tested positive for influenza A -- meaning they likely have the swine -- over more than a week. This anecdote makes Kurtz's office sound like a petri dish, so it's no wonder his patients are nervous -- and they're not calmed when he has to tell them he still has no idea when the swine-flu vaccine will be available. While science can save, it seldom operates on a schedule.

To hear Kurtz's update, and read a transcript, click here.

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