Channel 2 general manager Dennis Leonard on rebranding his station The Deuce: "It's the shit, dude!"

One of the most persistent local-TV rumors of early 2009 has been confirmed: KWGN-TV/Channel 2 is being rebranded as "The Deuce" on or about March 30.

If you're snickering like a middle-schooler right now, that's because you know the third definition of "the deuce" in the online Urban Dictionary reads: "A crap measuring 2 lbs. or better." Sample sentence: "My bung hole was torn by the deuce!"

When Channel 2 president and general manager Dennis Leonard is asked if he's familiar with this usage, he makes it clear that he is via a comic surfer voice as he declares, "It's the shit, dude!" Nonetheless, he doesn't see the double meaning as a problem. "The deuce is also the victory sign, or the peace sign," he says, adding, "We are going to convert KWGN/The Deuce into a lifestyle station. We want it to mirror more of the 18-34 and 18-49-year-old groups who live in Denver -- the ones who are more likely to snowboard, ski, extreme bike..."

And know the dirty definition of "deuce."

Check this space tomorrow for more of our conversation with Leonard, complete with details about shifting the CW lineup, moving the late-night newscast, a greater live-music focus and extra Deuce-i-ness...

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