Channel 7's Mike Nelson knows better than to interrupt Grey's Anatomy

In Denver, television stations treat every sizable storm like a Biblical plague, and while that may earn the enmity of commentators like KHOW's Peter Boyles, it makes sense from a promotional standpoint when the city shuts down and folks unable to go anywhere hunker down in front of their TV sets. Understanding that, the local outlets sent every available body into the streets yesterday -- an absolute necessity given shrinking resources that have led to newsroom layoffs, cutbacks and/or retrenchment. Even Channel 7 investigative reporter Tony Kovaleski wound up doing curb duty, and he couldn't have looked more miserable. And later that evening, during a much-anticipated episode of Grey's Anatomy, Mike Nelson, Kovaleski's colleague, offered multiple live updates about the waning blizzard's journey to the southeast. This was a smart promotional move made wiser still by the decision to eat into commercial time rather than part of the show, which Nelson mentioned several times before getting into the meat of his mini-forecast. Sure, people wanted to hear when the snow would end -- but they were more interested in knowing if Izzie Stevens would die on the operating table.

She was still alive at the end of the program -- for now (Katherine Heigl, who plays Izzie, is reportedly leaving Grey's at season's end, meaning that the grave is probably calling). And those of you reading these words survived, too, and will presumably be able to watch future storm coverage without wanting to strangle Nelson with your bare hands because he blabbed through part of your favorite show. That's a win-win situation.

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