Channel 9 Tea Party report not exactly a biased, anti-protester screed

This morning, KHOW's Peter Boyles, one of numerous Clear Channel Denver talk-show hosts who thrust themselves into the spotlight at yesterday's tax-day Tea Party protest, was in high dudgeon about a 9News report by correspondent Thanh Truong that allegedly besmirched the reputations of the thousands who joined them at the State Capitol. The problem? Truong said that at one point, the rally crew chanted "Impeach Obama," even though Boyles heard nothing of the sort. From this, he conjured up yet another left-wing media conspiracy designed to undermine the efforts of regular, commonsense folks.

That's a hard case to make after watching the 9News package, which seems almost entirely benign to me. Yes, Truong mentions the chant without providing any audio evidence -- but that doesn't mean he invented it. Clearly, the current administration's policies were a major target of the event, so it's only natural that anti-Obama sentiment would be in the air. Moreover, the protesters weren't presented as loony: Speaking for them was an exceedingly articulate woman who took the day off from work to weigh in, and Congressman Mike Coffman. And while Democratic Party chair Pat Waak was given an opportunity to counter these arguments, the contrast between her sitting alone at a desk and sign-waving citizens who completely filled the screen spoke volumes.

Methinks the protest-coverage complainers protest too much -- but judge for yourself. Watch the report by clicking "Continue."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.