Channel 9's Susie Wargin responds to her biggest critic

The November 2008 blog "9News's Susie Wargin gets blistered -- by my daughter" features a rant by Lora Roberts, age fifteen, directed at the aforementioned Ms. Wargin; she became the object of Lora's ire after Lora tuned in to Channel 9 to see highlights of a Denver Nuggets victory and was instead subjected to a lengthy segment about recreational cycling. Yesterday, out of the blue, Wargin responded to this post with a comment that's good-humored and classy, if a wee bit defensive. Click "Continue" to see what she wrote:

Susie Wargin says:

This is too funny Lora! I wish I'd found it earlier.

First, you have no idea how much I appreciate a woman's opinion like yours at the age of 15 -- very impressive!

Second, for future reference, my actual sportscasts are once an hour on the :50's. At 6:20am, which is a 2 1/2-3 minute segment, I have a feature segment that I fill with a variety of topics. Some of them are of personal interest, but many of them are ideas that have been generated from viewers (feel free to send in an idea sometime Tess, I bet you have many). That is how the show is structured. You were smart to go to ESPN to get your highlights right away -- that's what they do. I'm at the mercy of news and have a designated time slot for sportscasts.

I'd love to have you come in sometime and hang with me as I prepare for my sportscasts. 3am is the start time and I bet you would garner a new opinion of what I do when you're finished. You may not like me any better, but I've developed thick skin through the years and I'm cool with that. Your dad ripped me many moons ago so I'm used to it from your family!

E-mail me anytime -- susie.wargin@9news.com

Given everything that's happened in my family during the last day or so (this blog provides the explanation), I didn't get a chance to tell Lora about Wargin's kind invitation until 6 a.m. this morning, when she was barely conscious. About all she managed was a look of shock. As a result, it's too early to tell if she'll take Wargin up on her offer. (Perhaps she'll wait until next fall, when she's got a newspaper class and might be able to write about the experience.) Until then, at least she knows exactly when to tune in to see Nuggets news...

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