Check out the sweet skullduggery at the Denver Public Library

Halloween is long gone, but the Day of the Dead is a holiday that keeps on giving. An exhibit in the grand hall of the downtown Denver Public Library features staff-produced riffs on the tradition of decorated sugar skulls that provides -- well, plenty of food for thought.

We could rattle on about the adornment or masking of death, substituting celebration for fear, or the use of a universal typology in the service of culture-specific themes. Or we could just shut up and enjoy the show on view below.

Pictured: The homey hayseed "Rustic" contrasts with the urban glitter of "Bling"; a group portrait of "Celestial" and "Summer"; and entries titled "Headache" and "A. Phobia," which demonstrate that even the dead aren't exempt from the ills and anxieties of modern life.

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