Checking in on INDenver Times

On April 23, Kevin Preblud, one of three entrepreneurs backing INDenver Times, an online news service staffed by more than thirty former members of the Rocky Mountain News, revealed that only about 3,000 people had signed up as subscribers by that date -- far short of the 50,000 needed to trigger a full-scale launch. At that time, Preblud said the investors would continue exploring their options, but he stopped short of promising that the site would remain up and running.

Three weeks later, new content continues to pop up at INDT -- but it's currently a very different site than it was initially.

Most items that appear have generic INDenver Times bylines, as opposed to ones corresponding to specific writers -- a move likely made to disguise the small size of the staff at this point. (Some of the most prominent names involved in the project, including onetime Rocky business writer David Milstead and managing editor Steve Foster split from the Preblud camp after the April 23rd announcement.) Moreover, a lot of the latest material has been borrowed from other places. Drew Litton's cartoon about the Nuggets' win last night is clearly homegrown, but the main story about the victory this morning links to a longer account by Denver Stiffs, a Nuggets blog. Likewise, a piece about quarterback- and coach-led programs comes courtesy of Hunter Ansley from Draftzoo.com.

INDenver Times continues to maintain a web presence -- something that will no doubt help Preblud and his brethren should they find a workable business model and financiers willing to fund it. But it's clearly a shadow of its former self.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.