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Reader: We Should Scrap Caucuses and Use Open Primaries

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"Seven Ways to Improve Caucus Turnout"

Cary Kennedy collected as many caucus votes as all of her competitors combined.
"Colorado Caucus Results 2018: Cary Kennedy Is the Big Democratic Winner"

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"John Wren Still Believes in Caucusing"

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"Caucus? Primary? A Voters' Guide to Colorado's Elections."

A caucus is, simply, a political community gathering, and the March 6 caucuses were held at the precinct level, which is the smallest subset of a county. The idea is to engage in neighborhood-level discussions and debate local party leaders and ideas. Rather than going to a voting booth and filling out a ballot (primary), you go to a designated location, usually a high school gym or a community center (but sometimes even a living room or barn) and, after debate, vote for delegates to your party's assembly in mid-April.

Political junkies get a kick out of caucuses, and political newbies generally find them snoozy. But the March 6 Democratic caucuses were a real wake-up call, because Cary Kennedy got a surprising 50 percent of the support.

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