Colorado firefighter calendar rises from the ashes tonight

The party had everything: a worthy beneficiary (the Children's Hospital Burn Center), lots of alcohol for the mostly female crowd, and stripped-down, smokin' hot firefighters. But then the Denver District Attorney threw a wet blanket on the fun: Turns out that Fired Up for Kids might not have been sending firefighter calendar sales proceeds to the charity.

There was some question about Fired Up for Kids's own nonprofit status, too.

In November the Colorado Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Fired Up for Kids, whose president, Kirsten Hamling, was accused of "using its accounts and assets for personal uses." As news reports fanned the flames, Hamling resigned, and Fired Up for Kids was put on ice.

But now a completely different, definitely nonprofit organization has risen from the ashes to create a 2013 calendar: Colorado Firefighter Calendar Inc. And tonight it will host a ReLaunch & Recruitment Party from 6 to 9 p.m. at Jackson's Denver.

The Manager of Safety's Office, which oversees the Denver Fire Department, has looked into the new operation, and there's no reason that Denver firefighters can't participate. But if they wear any official Denver Fire Department item, they must get permission of the chief, says spokeswoman Daelene Mix. Then again, the firefighters don't wear much of anything in their calendar pictures....

Here's the fine print on tonight's event (get more info here).

ALL firefighters, professional AND volunteer, are encouraged to try out for the calendar this year. At the party, learn more about the organization, meet calendar models past & present, visit with the Board, or submit your 2013 applications.

Calendar Applicants -- bring 2 TASTEFUL photos, one headshot, 1 full body shot. Everyone else, bring yourself and strong desire to have a BLAST! 2012 Calendars and T-Shirts will be on sale at this event!

See hot, hot photos of the 2011 calendar party here.

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