Colorado goes to the Dog

The January Esquire features profiles of fifty prominent Americans, one pegged to each state, talking about "What I've Learned."

And who did the mag pick to represent celebrity-starved Colorado? An elder statesman like Gary Hart?  (BTW, he's my dark-horse candidate to return to the U.S. Senate.) An old standby like Judy Collins? A newer cultural icon like South Park's Matt Stone or Trey Parker? 

None of the above. No, Esquire tapped bounty hunter and deep thinker Dwayne "Dog" Chapman to represent our state. Chapman told the mag that he learned he had to be more careful with his language (last year he got in hot water after he dropped a few N-bombs). We'd also suggest he learn to stick to the facts -- which we reported last year that Dog failed to do in his recent autobiography, You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Now, thanks to Esquire, Colorado has gone to the Dog. -- Patricia Calhoun


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