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Reader: Go, Polis, Go. You're Doing Great!

Governor Jared Polis shares some tough numbers.
Governor Jared Polis shares some tough numbers. YouTube
Governor Jared Polis keeps the executive orders coming, clearing the way for some business and government functions (most recent: remote notaries) to continue while the state is under a stay-at-home order, to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

During a press conference at Colorado's Emergency Operations Center in Centennial on March 27, Polis used a PowerPoint presentation to explain how he and other officials hope to reduce fatality rates from the COVID-19 virus using such methods as social distancing. Without these approaches, and assuming the highest likely infection percentage using current data, Polis said the state could suffer as many as 33,200 deaths by June 1.

Most readers appreciated this tough talk. A few had questions, and then some...well, keep reading.

Asks Melissa: 
Does that number include the people that will suddenly be thrown on the streets if they can't pay rent next month? Is that included in these statistics?
Responds Ben: 
This is what leadership looks like! Now we need a moratorium on evictions. Thanks, Polis!
Says Kurt: 
Go, Polis, go. You're doing great.
Adds Bee:
 “Polis would prefer to err on the side of too much preparation than not enough.” YES. I only wish our federal government would adopt this philosophy!
Notes Lisa:
 People don’t care. Out in my area, these people are still flocking to any place that’s open. Cars everywhere and very few practicing social distancing. Guess we will see.
Comments Haas:
 Polis is hearing from the hospitals dealing with this and listening to them. Anyone wanting to tempt fate not only puts themselves at risk, but potentially many, many others.

We need to begin curbside grocery pickup for everyone and keep those stores closed to the general public. Turn all workers into pickers, because none of this will matter if people are flocking to the grocery stores every day regardless.
Adds Michael: 
The truth is that one way or another, this virus is going to make its way through our entire population.
What Polis and other leaders are trying to do is slow the spread so that our medical systems and professionals can manage it as well as they can. And without killing our medical professionals.
So everyone on the right needs to chill the f—k out and see the bigger picture.
But then there's this from Joe:
 1st Amendment gives the right to assemble, this stay-at-home order is unconstitutional. I, for one, am going to continue going to church and doing everything I normally do, and I urge all my fellow liberty-loving patriots to come with me. Let's congregate, shake hands, hug, take communion, sing and praise the Lord Almighty. Science is the Devil. This is all just another ploy to take down Trump. Let's stick it to all those libs and the lamestream media and show them this viral hoax won't get us down! Let's gather up as many of our conservative friends as we can and stand together, literally, and support the President!
For the record, at his March 27 press conference, Polis discussed his stay-at-home order. "This is not a competition to see what you can get away with," he stressed. "This is not a time to figure out how close you can get to the line."

Instead, he wants citizens to compete to see how they can limit the most contacts with friends, acquaintances and strangers: "That's the contest. ... If you have to ask yourself if something is smart, it's probably not."

How do you think Polis is doing? Are you staying home? Observing social distancing? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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